We all know that making a positive impression is an important life skill, but did you know that positive impressions are important in the belting world as well?

For years the belting industry has used a negative impression in the cover of conveyor belts to provide a surface that can “grab” food products like bakery dough. Commonly called inverted diamond or negative pyramid, this negative impression is not so great when it comes to the hygienic qualities of the belt surface. Food product can get stuck in the bottom of the impression because the negative impression of the diamond is so hard to clean.

Reveyron’s HR pattern (also called rice grain) will make a positive impression on any product quality manager in a food manufacturing plant. Each rice grain is an individual raised profile that gets high marks for plant hygiene. A magnified look at the surface of the HR pattern reveals perfectly formed rice grains with rounded sides and a gloss finish. It is an ideal surface for cleaning because there is nowhere for food product to get stuck!

We stock three Reveyron products with the HR pattern:  108RGB, 108HRG, and 108MRG.  108HRG and 108MRG are ideal for applications requiring a sealed belt edge for ultimate hygienic qualities.


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