Clean Grip
One Belt, Many Solutions!


  • Special formulation of 50 Shore A Butadiene Rubber
  • Compounds selected to resist abrasion (150 mm3 DIN) and staining, very high grabbing capability, even in wet conditions
  • Tightly woven, low elongation fabric. Balanced “S & Z” twist to ensure tracking is straight
  • Heat treated to eliminate shrinkage
  • Cold temperature flexibility down to -40F/C
  • Can be perforated with any number of custom hole patterns


  • Small pulley flexibility and superior lace retention
  • Energy Saving (low friction sliding surface)
  • Non-marking, firm grabbing, abrasion resistant cover is perfect for resisting paper during the converting process and high speed impact of lumber boards
  • Longer service life over traditional pure gum natural rubber or low durometer PVC


  • Paper Converting - Cardboard folding rail belt/Feeder belt
  • Lumber - Lumber slowdown belt/Planer outfeed
  • General distribution - Any light incline requirement/Suitable for cold temp environments


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